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Nancy Schuetz

Nancy Schuetz is the managing director and founder of Mettacite. She has developed consultative sales relationships with clients that include small private companies and Fortune 500 corporations in various industries, such as hospitality, manufacturing, and retail. Some of her former and current clients include State Farm Insurance, BMO/Harris, AIG, Rock Resorts, Corinthia Hotels, AMR Resorts, John Deere, Sears Holdings, Ceiba del Mar Resort and Spa, and Clairvoyix.


Terry Fitzgerald

Terry has worked for Experian, Epsilon, and Acxiom, among others, serving clients like MCI Worldcom, J. Jill,, AT&T, Time Inc. and many others. For the past 15 years, Terry’s work has centered around Marketing Database, Enhancement Data Marketing Automation and Data Analytics. Terry is an active musician – a founding member of the Beatleleles (a Beatles ukulele band) and a co-founder of one of the nation’s largest ukulele meetups, with over 300 members.


Ann Marie Carrothers

A resourceful problem solver and jill of all trades, Ann Marie has worked in fields ranging from television production and the performing arts to web design and education. While she has numerous skills and talents, what truly separates Ann Marie from others is her ability to combine creative solutions with analytics and technology to better communicate ideas. When not creating interactive business reports or teaching kids how to do amazing things with robots, you can find her performing stand up comedy and filming around Chicago.


Philip Bonello

Philip Bonello is an innovative leader with over 30 years of diverse industry experience including information services, restaurant development, direct marketing and out-of-home advertising. Applying principals from industrial psychology Mr. Bonello developed a three-pronged model for building successful teams. This methodology, coupled with technology, transforms and accelerates business process improvement. Building high performance teams in prior executive roles at Metromail, R.R. Donnelley, Experian, Hi Ricky Restaurants, and helped formalize this model. up with complimentary skill sets, and implementing a shared reward system.


John W. Davis

John’s integration of different aspects of behavioral research – the rigor of economics, the insight of psychology, and the pragmatic usefulness of strategic planning distinguishes him as a leader in the field of behavioral analytics. His evidence-based sensibility has broad applications, and his deep mastery of the discipline serves decision makers in widely divergent purposes.

John enjoys solving problems that lie between the formal, categorical lines that define standard business practices.Business challenges are often caused by poor planning or inadequate consumer research. Advertising sometimes fails to achieve its purpose because of poor or misguided understanding – manifested in weak content. Public policy also fails to develop economic growth because of a poor understanding of human behavior and it’s motivation. John’s ability to integrate human understanding – quantified and reliable – empowers decision makers with evidence-based proof that we can cause improvement while minimizing undesired effects


John Feldkamp

John is an Information Technology professional with significant experience managing, coordinating, and aligning the efforts of multiple information technology initiatives and cross-functional teams. He has an evolving leadership record that covers multiple subject areas including strategic planning, infrastructure management and technical development.

John’s work includes developing and supporting information management products and solutions. He has managed the development of multiple systems that deliver data quality services, data integration, analytic environments, business intelligence and multi-sourced data management systems. Efforts are often characterized by analyzing, researching and implementing new or updated solutions, leveraging existing systems and expertise, as well as using new technologies and new tools.

John has significant experience in policy development and management. With a particular focus on cybersecurity and compliance. Developing standards, policies, governance procedures and security awareness.  

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