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Large Scale Business Transition

Financial Services Client Business Transformation challenge:
The client had historical and current loan history, payment, prospect and charge off data in several different databases and software systems managed by multiple vendors and internal departments. They needed a single view of their portfolio incorporating 15 years of client and prospect history. They were also transitioning loan servicing and customer relationship management partners as well as creating an internal loan origination system and process. In many cases, data was manually entered in several of the processes creating data inconsistency and potential duplication and error.

Desired outcome of the Mettacite engagement:
The client was migrating to a new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system as well as a new cloud-based loan processing platform. Mettacite’s job was to prepare the data for this business transformation:

  • Prospective Applicant

  • Applicant

  • Loan Holder

    • Payment History (late payments / delinquencies)

    • Changes to collateral status

    • Amortization

    • Loan refinance

  • Portfolio

    • Portfolio Performance over time

    • Segmentation

The client provided 15 years’ worth of prospect and loan payment history from 4 different data sources, including loan origination and servicing systems, CRM databases and internal origination systems.

Mettacite performed a data quality assessment and, based on the outcome of the DQA, matched data across all databases and files to create a cohesive view of the clients’ relationships.

Mettacite also consulted on the layout and set up of the client’s record structure for the new CRM system in order to streamline adoption and ease of use by all loan processors, and designed a data structure for faster analytics and reporting.

Value provided to the client:
Mettacite fulfilled its original mission and put this client on the path to success with its business transformation. When the client has achieved certain milestones, Mettacite will also offer the following support services:

  • Real time, near real time or nightly updates to the client CRM system with payment history, new client opportunities and interactions as well as a direct feed to the origination and accounting software.

  • Parallel database for Back up: Mettacite can maintain and update a backup database of all CRM activities and standalone files.

  • An additional value add to this project was the ability to identify/create early warning system for loan delinquency resulting in $1.2 million dollar reduction in charge offs.

  • Savings of .65 FTE ($65,000) and redeployment of internal staff to another portion of the business transformation project.

Mettacite Capabilities Overview:
Whether your goal is to increase top line revenue or position your team or organization for rapid growth, Mettacite helps you better understand and uncover new and existing opportunities to create long-term profitable client relationships.

We create simple, sustainable customer acquisition and retention processes to help you grow your business. Using data from as many customers touch points and internal systems as possible, we identify key insights that inform and guide the implementation and success of critical growth strategies.

We use these key insights to help uncover the most profitable/ valuable prospective and current customers so that you can maximize your time, effort, and energy to grow your business.

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