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How confident are you that the insight you share is landing?

“We publish analytics using pictures, charts and other graphic representations. We publish analytics using pictures, charts and other graphic representations.”

In our work with clients, we ask not only whether insights are published to stake-holders, but also how such insights are presented. Mettacite’s core team has a strong background in marketing services, and it’s from this area of concentration that we draw upon when talking about the “how”. Personally, I was once involved in an analysis of billions of emailed marketing messages. Among many other things, we wanted to know whether people tended to click on text links or preferred to click on pictures or graphics. Would you believe it? The difference was something like 52% to 48% with pictures/graphics winning. Our advice: Don’t make it an either/or – make it an “and”. It’s so important that people internalize the insights you spend all that money to create that it’s worth showing a graphic PLUS a simplified tabular representation PLUS a simple summary in the language of the stake-holders.

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