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Here’s What’s Loaded on our Kindles for 2019

What’s On Tap for 2019

Here @ Mettacite we’re avid readers and music buffs. While Terry and Phil are both fantastic musicians and perform locally here in Chicago, I just show up to listen.

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The Third Wave- Steve Case

This book has been on my shelf since I saw Steve Case present in October 2017. I’m hoping to validate my own confirmation bias… that with the Internet touching nearly ever aspect of our lives and businesses, the need for soft skills of relationship building will be much sought after and a key differentiator for successful entrepreneurs.

A recent read worth mentioning:

I picked this up for travel reading during the holidays. I’m thrilled- Megan Stielstra is a local Chicago-based author and performer. I’m hoping I can track her down and here her perform this year.

The Wrong Way to Save your Life, Personal Essays by Megan Stielstra

A raw, honest and very poignant collection of personal essays by a Chicago author and performer. This is one of those books that you pick up and are instantly entertained and then… socked in the gut with some pressing questions about the things we take we often take for granted. If you want to laugh and think, pick this up.