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Startup Development Team


If you have any of the following conversations within your organization, consider an assessment:

  • Our systems are jam-packed with data but we can't get the information we need.

  • We need to automate our reporting, but the data is hard to configure.

  • There's important customer/vendor/employee data spread across many systems and we don't know what's where.

  • We need a single view of our customer for business strategy purposes.

  • We need to blend data across systems, but don't have the resources.

  • We want to create revenue stream with our data.

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  1. An initial conversation and an NDA.

  2. A recap of the our conversation with a series of follow up questions related to the "why how where and who" benefits from accurate data.

  3. Request a sample data file to make sure we can understand what your data looks like.

  4. We'll bring in a sample data set to evaluate it for usability how clean it, what's the quality of the data and how easily it can be utilized in an analytics process.

  5. We'll provide you with recommendations on how to clean and organize your data so you can use it to grow your business.

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You'll have the insight and confidence to grow your business because you'll know who your best customers/employees and partners are and what characteristics make them meaningful to your organization.

  1. We'll identify where your data quality issues and inefficiencies are.

  2. How they are affecting your business.

  3. How to change them to save you money, time, and valuable client relationships.

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