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Discussing the Numbers


Did you know?

  • It costs at least 4X to build a new relationship than to keep an customer.

  • It costs 35 % of your operating revenue to replace a customer.

  • By the time a prospect connects with you they are almost 60% of the way towards buying something from you… so it’s a good idea to understand what's important to them.

  • Customer loyalty is at an all time low as competition continues to increase making it harder to keep your clients… so keep them happy.

Customer Analytics: Project


  1. We'll identify where your data quality issues and inefficiencies are.

  2. How they are affecting your business.

  3. How to change them to save you money, time, and valuable client relationships.

Customer Analytics: Homepage_about


  • You'll have the insight and confidence to grow your business because you'll know who your best customers/employees and partners are and what characteristics make them profitable.

  • How to gain more of those profitable clients/ employees, partners and how to do it as easily and efficiently as possible.

  • How to retain that best and the brightest, most profitable etc.

  • The ability to continually assess whether your customer/employees/partners are responding to your retention efforts

Customer Analytics: Homepage_about
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